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Variable Speed Belt

YD LIONTMVariable Speed Belt
1.        Special Rubber Compound reinforced with samll fibres provides high stability and minimizes deflection in the cross section.
2.        Strong Compound-Dipped-Cords carry high loads with minimal stretch.                                                 
3.        Molded Notches/Cogs covered by strong Elastic fabric increase anti-abrasion function, optimum fit in the pulley grooves and more flexibility, reduce thermal and bending stresses.                                                                             
4.        Excellent heat&oil resistant function.                          
Used for all industrial,variable-speed open pulleys or enclosed device variable speed drives.   
YD LIONTM offers three ranges of variable-speed belts:
-          a range which meets international standards ISO 1604 and ISO 1813 (section W 16 to W 100)
-          a range of non-standard belts, specific to certain European variable-speed drives.
-          a range which meets USA Standard RMA/MPTA
Product Name:
Variable Speed Belt-ISO and non-standard
Variable Speed Belt
Variable Speed Belt-ISO 1604 and ISO 1813 (section W 16 to W 100) Variable Speed Belt-non-standard belts used for certain European variable-speed drives
Product Name:
Variable Speed Belt-USA Standard RMA/MPTA
Variable Speed belt
Variable Speed Belt-USA Standard RMA/MPTA